American Cup 1 Short Track Championships
World Cup Team Qualifier
Plymouth, Minnesota
September 27-28, 2008

All photographs by Jerry Search, US SpeedSkating.
Copyright © 2008, All Rights Reserved.
A Few Words About These Photos:

Why so many?  Well, that's hard to answer.  I end up taking about 2,500 photos per competition.  Then I sort them, often on the way home, and delete a lot of them: the out of focus ones, the seemingly duplicates taken a second apart, etc.  Then when I get home, I sit down and do it again.  BUT:  I reach the point where I have a hard time deleting any more, especially if they are good, and if they might be of some value to anyone, especially the skaters in them.  As a long time Coach, I know the value such photos might have to the skaters and their coaches, and if there is anything in the photo that might be useful, then I have a hard time deleting it.  The bad news is that you all have to go through each one, so I place them in thumbnail tables that helps, hopefully.

Why so many of the Elite skaters?  Well, for the same reasons listed above, and also because the "non-Elites" can learn from them, too!  Seeing how you are supposed to be skating is a great learning tool.  On a related note, I often want to make sure I get shots of particular skaters.  Like anyone, I have my favorites, whether it is the ones that tell me how much they like the photos, skaters I used to coach, or just good friends...and even skaters that I know skate well.  But it does not always happen that way.  I shoot the sport, and not necessarily the individual skaters.  By doing it that way, I often do not get many shots of skaters I wanted!  Frustrating, but that is the way it goes.  But if you didn't see enough (or any) of you or your skater, please let me know next time, and I'll try to get them!

Here is a description of what goes into creating these Photo Layouts:

First, the photos themselves.  I currently use a Canon 5D, which is a 12.5 Megapixel camera.  The lens is a 70-200 mm telephoto, f-2.8.  The f-2.8 means it can be used indoors, such as an ice rink, instead of outdoors in the daylight. The telephoto also has Image Stabilization, which helps counter camera movement, resulting in sharper photos.

Each photo (called an image) is huge, and when viewed full size on your computer, would be many times larger than your computer screen.  It is also just over 4 MB per image, which would take a long time to download.  So I have to "edit" each image.  I use Paint Shop Pro, which I call a "Poor Man's Photoshop".  Each image is rotated level (level is using something vertical in the shot as a reference, such as the hockey glass frames, or a pad).  Then I crop it in some to make the skaters a little larger, and to try and fill the image with them.  Then I have to reduce the physical size of the image to a size that will show on most computer screens without panning around.  Then I apply a color correction to add some saturation and sparkle to the photo.  Lastly, I save it off slightly compressed.  This makes the images around 100 kb each, which is something fairly easy to download.

Now I have to build them into the web pages you see.  I have a program that makes the thumbnail tables, and the thumbnails.  Then I create a webpage template, and paste each thumbnail table into the page and save that off.  Finally, I have to add the "navigation table" with the page numbers, linked to each page.  Lastly, I have to go through and make corrections to the pages, as I usually spot something that I forgot, or set up wrong, in the original template.  That's it, a long story made short!

If you have read this far, then you might be a good candidate to give me feedback, so please do.  If you have any comments, especially something that you feel does not work, or does not look right, don't be shy!  Please drop me an email and let me know!  If you don't have my email address, then use this link:  email

Thanks for your time, and I certainly hope you enjoy looking at the TON of photos here!!

Jerry Search

PS:  As usual, my webpages do not contain advertising.  BUT I recently purchased the Jinko company that sets up page counters on any webpage.  I'm still developing the process so that I can use it, with the help of Greg Wong from Northern California, so you cannot set up a new account yet.  But soon!!  Take a look below!

I highly encourage you to use them on your own computer, in school projects, and on your non-commercial web pages (and MySpace),
without asking, as long as you abide by the items listed on the Copyright Page (you can't use the images for commercial reasons),
to promote both the sport and the skaters shown here.  I took these photos with the purpose of increasing knowledge of the sport of
Speed Skating.  It is hoped that everyone will benefit, including the skaters (and their coaches) shown here!
All images have been optimized for computer use, with a desktop setting of 800x600.

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