2010 U.S. Junior 
Short Track Championships

Green Bay, Wisconsin

All photographs by Jerry Search, US Speedskating.
Copyright © 2009, All Rights Reserved.
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   I highly encourage you to use them on your own computer, in school projects, and on your non-commercial web pages (including MySpace), without asking, as long as you abide by the items listed
on the Copyright Page to promote both the sport and the skaters shown here.  I took these photos with the purpose of increasing knowledge of the sport of
Speed Skating.  It is hoped that everyone will benefit, including the skaters (and their coaches) shown here!
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2.  Some of these photos will not make decent high resolution copies.  I will let you know if you request a photo that will not work.  For example, some are too dark, some are a bit soft (fuzzy), and many of them are shown after I cropped way in, such as skaters at the other end of the ice, close ups of skates, etc.  Most of those shots will not look any better than they are here on the website.  But a great many photos will enlarge nicely!
3.  Copies will be mailed to you on a CD.  You can then take that CD somewhere to get enlargements, etc.

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Please note:  This is a test, due to many requests.  I will not be making a profit on this, since each trip I make costs me an average of $1,000.00.

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